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A Church Revitalisation

Jesus Christ said: ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’.

John 10:10

We are a group of Christians who have come to know Jesus as our Saviour and King and experience the life that he offers.

Through what we say and do, we want to share this life in our local community of West Smethwick.

We belong to West Smethwick Congregational Church.  It’s been in the area since 1870 but for some years now it has been growing smaller.  We are currently gathering local Christians together to give the church a new start.  We believe that breathing new life into this church will give our local community an opportunity to hear about Jesus, the one who offers life, now and forever, to all who come to him.  This good news is for everyone wherever you’re from, no matter your background.

We want to be a contemporary, Bible-centred church for everyone in our local community.

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